Carla Moreau sends love to her subscribers!


On Instagram, Carla Moreau (Les Marseillais) unveils a new photo. The pretty blonde sends a message to her fans!

Very close to her followers on Instagram, Carla Moreau (Les Marseillais) makes a new declaration of love to them. She adores them, and lets it know.

Without them, Carla Moreau would be nothing. The participant of the Les Marseillais program knows it, and is more grateful than ever.

So the pretty blonde never stops thanking her 3.1 million Instagram followers. Even if the latter only knows them behind a screen, she considers them as her own family.

And for good reason, her fans give him a lot of love every day. So when Kevin Guedj’s wife hit 2.8 million subscribers, she wrote them a message.

Indeed, Ruby’s mom wrote: “2.8M. so happy that you like what I share with you. Best community in the world, simple people. ”

So when Carla Moreau had crossed the threshold of 3 million, the young woman was in heaven. Nothing could make her come down from her little cloud.

In a new post, she expressed her joy: “I’m too proud. And I wanted to thank you, because there are more and more people in my community. I’m touched. ”

“I fail to realize that there are 3 million people following me. Thank you. I will try to offer you lots of new things ”she wrote on the same social network.


However, Carla Moreau is not satisfied with beautiful messages when she reaches a new number of subscribers on the web.

Indeed, Manon Tanti’s ex-best friend does not wait for success to thank her subscribers. You only have to take a look at her latest post to believe it.

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In short, Carla Moreau greets her fans and gives them a true declaration of love. “I love you ❤️” she wrote in the caption of her photo. Too cute !


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