Carla Moreau ready to shoot Les Marseillais?


On her Snapchat account, Carla Moreau sowed doubt about her departure on the set of Marseille with her darling Kevin Guedj!

For some time now, many rumors have been circulating about Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj. Indeed, some think that they will not participate in the new season of the Marseillais.

It must be said that during the Marseillais vs the rest of the world, Carla Moreau had big stories with all her family. The latter even decided to eliminate him. From the first minutes, she also had a clash with Jessica Thivenin.

Maylone’s mom didn’t hesitate to hit Carla Moreau. A gesture that had really disappointed his fans. But as the episodes went on, the two learned to tolerate each other. Sadly, the stories did not end there.

Indeed, Julien Tanti also seemed cold with the darling of Kevin Guedj. The reason ? The latter had arguments with his wife, Manon. At a party, Tiago and Angelina’s mom also decided to settle scores.


Facing the camera, Manon did not hesitate to say everything she thought about Carla Moreau. Far from being defeated, the young woman remained impassive. She had even told Jessica that she was used to being the target of the Marseillais.

After all that, it’s hard to have another adventure with the candidates. But a clue sowed doubt on social networks. This Tuesday, November 10, Carla Moreau posted a new photo on her Snapchat account.

The candidate unveiled a suitcase on the ground. In legend, she also confided to her fans: “Suitcase soon finished for Ruby”. So it seems that the little family is flying away for the shooting of the Marseillais.

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Like every year, the shooting takes place just before Christmas. Fans are almost certain they will join this new adventure!


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