Carla Moreau opens her Christmas tree on Snapchat!


On her Snapchat account, Carla Moreau shared a video where she unveiled her incredible Christmas tree. Her fans seem to validate!

Very active on social networks, Carla Moreau has developed the habit of revealing her day to her fans. But this Monday, December 21, the pretty blonde was quite absent from Snapchat. She still unveiled her Christmas tree.

Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj have not had a minute to spare for several weeks now. Indeed, the two lovebirds have finally moved into their new home. For the first time, they own a lovely villa.

After months of work, Carla Moreau and her darling were finally able to move into their home. After going back and forth, they gradually settle down. If many reality TV candidates go to Dubai, they are determined to stay in Marseille.

However, the young woman and her darling suffered a burglary a few months ago. They had therefore taken a radical decision: to leave Marseille for London. But that was without counting on the onset of the health crisis.


Because of the scale of the Covid, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj have decided to return to Marseille. So that’s why they decided to buy. The two remain quite low-key about the venue.

For the very first time, the reality TV contestant was able to make her Christmas tree in her new home. This Monday, December 21, she posted a new video on her Snapchat account.

Ruby’s mom showed off the pretty white tree she had placed in her tree. Decorated with pretty baubles and garlands, she put the package for her Christmas tree. The latter goes very well with the colors of her tree.

One thing is certain, Maeva Ghennam’s friend seems to be a total fan of her beautiful tree for the holidays!


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