Carla Moreau mum: she passes a cap with Ruby!


For several weeks, the filming of Marseillais in the Caribbean began. This season, many new ones will appear. But rest assured, Julien Tanti, Paga, Kevin Guedj, or Carla Moreau should be there. On the subject of Ruby’s young mother, there is still some doubt.

Indeed, Carla Moreau has been a mom for over a month now. The young woman decided to take her daughter to Mexico with her to take care of it. Therefore, we do not know yet if the pretty blonde will be able to integrate the season or if she will stay with her baby throughout the shoot. Anyway, she’s with Ruby at the time we’re talking to you, and spending a lot of time with her.

Carla Moreau proves it every day on its social networks. Besides, she just came out with her daughter who was in the baby carrier. Indeed, young parents love this system. This, compared to strollers, keeps your child close to you. So it seems that Kevin’s darling is validating the concept too.

In the continuation of her story Snapchat, Carla Moreau was therefore known how her daughter reacted to this new concept. It seems that the baby is not yet used. But that will not take long to believe the words of his mother. Especially since she would prefer that to the stroller.

Moreover, Carla Moreau, she seems totally in love with the baby carrier, as she said a few hours ago: “It’s pretty nice and my daughter seems to enjoy! I am so happy ! She never wanted to leave my arms. When she was put in the stroller, she was not too happy. Initially, she could not get used to the baby carrier but there, that’s it, she manages! ”

We hope that the daughter of Carla Moreau will not be too disturbed by this novelty. At MCE, we fully validate the baby carrier. This allows the pretty blonde to be even closer to her child, even when they walk around.


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