Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj are very much in love on Instagram!


On his Instagram account, young dad Kevin Guedj shared a photo where she appeared more complicit with his wife Carla Moreau!

For several years, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj have experienced ups and downs in their relationship. Despite everything, they managed to get out of it. The two are also parents of an adorable little girl named Ruby.

On social networks, Carla Moreau also reveals many pictures of her child. But that’s not all that she forgets about her relationship with Kevin Guedj. The two seem closer than ever since the birth of their daughter.

This Friday, May 22, Kevin Guedj posted a new photo on his Instagram account that did not fail to cause a sensation. He posed with his wife Carla Moreau around him. With the eyes of love, they looked very cute.

The beautiful blonde is also displayed with a white dress that highlights her. For his part, his darling took the pose with a basic white t-shirt.

In legend of his Instagram photo, the darling of Carla Moreau also wrote: “Good weekend”. With his picture, he has collected more than 84,400 likes in just a few hours from his fans.

In the comments, they completely cracked thanks to this photo of the couple. It must be said that the two lovebirds appear more accomplices than ever and both very beautiful.

Under the photo of the reality TV candidate, his fans also wrote: “After what they have lived we can say that they are beautiful. “,” So cute. “,” Woww too beautiful I adore you. “, ” The loveliest couple. »But also« You are so beautiful! ”

Many messages that are sure to please the main stakeholders. It must be said that after years of complications, they finally seem calm and happier than anything. Especially since Ruby’s arrival!


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