Carla Moreau is at the center of Marseille’s controversy!


On her Snapchat account, Carla Moreau shared several videos where she teased a big argument on the set of the Marseillais!

This year, the clashes within the villa of the Marseillais do not seem to stop. Whenever candidates speak on social media, it is to talk about arguments. Recently, Carla Moreau made other confidences.

A few days ago, Jessica Thivenin told her fans that she no longer had a voice from screaming on set. For her part, Carla Moreau also explained that there were a lot of stories.

Carla Moreau had revealed that there were arguments but also reconciliations between certain candidates. Some people wonder if she made things right with Jessica Thivenin on the set.

However, the young woman gave other information on social networks. This Tuesday, January 12, she spoke on her Snapchat account. Once again, she teased a big argument in the villa of the Marseillais.


Carla Moreau confided: “Yesterday there was Baghdad in the house I won’t even explain to you. We went to bed very late. There was carnage on all sides you can’t even imagine ”.

Carla Moreau also added: “So here we are in the process of settling all the stories that happened yesterday. There you are, I hope you are well. I miss you very much ”.

As always, the reality TV contestant hasn’t said too much about the stories. One thing is certain, this season is going to be really explosive. Once a day, candidates are also allowed to pick up their phones.

While some people often tease what is going on in the villa, like Carla Moreau, they take the opportunity to make their product placement. This is when fans can learn more about the feel of the shoot. To be continued!


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