Carla Moreau engaged to Kevin Guedj: she confides!


Through her Snapchat account, Carla Moreau has just given some news following her engagement with Kevin Guedj.

We suspected it long before all the Marseillais left to shoot. But we are now sure with their formalization. Indeed, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj are going to get married. The young man, having asked for Ruby’s mom in marriage, a few days ago.

A very special request made in New York to believe the information from blogger Aqababe. Indeed, it was he who was able to formalize the engagement of Carla Moreau and her sweetheart first. Letting his community know: “Kevin Guedj has finally put his marriage proposal in front of the cameras last night in New York City. Against all expectations independent filming of the adventure in Mexico! So for you Kevin and Carla special show? Or will demand be in the new Marseille season? ”

Since then, apart from a photo with her new pretty ring, Carla Moreau has not yet spoken. It’s now done. Indeed, she has just given news following this beautiful event, on her Snapchat account.

What woman does not dream that her darling is asking for marriage? Indeed, it is true that, mainly women wait much longer for this moment than men. At least, that is much more important to them. That’s why, so it’s not surprising to see Carla Moreau’s emotion when she spoke on Snapchat.

The pretty blonde, teasant this famous moment by letting it be known that she had cried a lot. Carla Moreau, also adding: “Always with my darling! He made me a wonderful proposal in marriage (she shows the sublime ring on her finger: note). I am so happy. I’m so happy. Ej I’ll let you discover everything soon but it was … Magnificent. I can tell you that I was crying. I was crying, I think, more than 48 hours. ”

So we wish Ruby’s parents a lot of happiness. Hoping that their love will last until the end of their lives, and that there will be no more infidelities in the future …


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