Carla Baratta told the truth about her role as Adelita in season 4 of Mayans M.C.


The 31-year-old Venezuelan actress is part of the Mayans M.C. family. and in a recent conversation with an entertainment portal, Carla Baratta talked about how different her character’s journey is this season compared to anything she’s done before, playing a character with so much internal dialogue, which she enjoyed from Adelita from day one and the importance of what his role represents in this series.

Describing the crucial moment that Adelita’s character lives, Baratta explained that she is on a mission after learning that her son, whom she thought was dead, turns out to be alive. However, she still doesn’t know what she’s actually doing, but she’s definitely doing something. “She is hunting this man. We don’t know who he is, but we can see from her eyes and her movements and her notes that she’s been doing this for a while and that she knows what she’s doing,” she added.

“I feel like it was really intense for me to portray, especially in the first few scenes, because she doesn’t have any lines and we don’t know what’s really going on. It’s more about trying to show that she’s up to something, she’s hunting. She is on a mission. She is like an animal. That’s the way I approached this season.”

This Mayans M.C. She assures that she is very excited for this season 4, especially for the trip that she is having the character that she represents of her, because it is very different from anything else that they have seen of her. This is because, in the first season, Adelita was very calm and really into her mission and her path. She really knew what she wanted and who she was.

“Now, she’s at a point where we don’t know who she is anymore. She no longer know what she wants her. She’s like a lost soul who’s trying to find herself, and we’re going to go down this beautiful road with her this season, trying to really come back to herself and what we knew before, that we and I miss so much.”

According to Baratta, the role of Adelita “has not been a struggle, but rather a constant with the character who does not speak much. It’s more about what she does and what she deals with.” As an actress, she describes it as more like having an internal dialogue. “I’m having a dialogue about everything she’s feeling. That’s what helps me go there, emotionally, without having to say anything.” She highlighted that in real life she has been completely interesting, challenging and a beautiful way to explore her own inner world.

For this character from Mayans M.C. it is vital not to depend on men to achieve what she wants. Baratta says that when she saw her wardrobe for the first time, she was very moved because sometimes Latinas are a bit stereotyped and it is very difficult to get out of that. “So, to be introduced in the American market, on American television, with a character that is so powerful, that it doesn’t depend on her appearance, that’s what completely made me fall in love with the character. Every season, it’s more and more. She had a shaved head and baggy clothes, and I was like, Yeah!”

Finally, this Venezuelan actress believes that she can contribute with her role as Adelita in a series with many male characters. She believes that she can represent the strong woman who is sometimes stronger than everyone. An emblematic role in a world of men and that she stands out for her personality and her history that characterizes her is important.

“As women, we sometimes have to remember that we have all the strength within us and that we are strong enough to make our own decisions and do our own things in life, regardless of what others, including the men in our lives, do. lives”.