Carl Pei reveals that he bought Nothing Essential


On Monday it was revealed to the public that the cellphone manufacturing company Essential, the same brand responsible for the first model with a different format for applying the front camera, which at the time was not even called a notch, had been acquired by Nothing, startup audio by Carl Pei.

However, only on Wednesday did the executive go public to confirm the information, but did not give many details regarding plans for the future after the purchase of the company, which would be done in relation to the use of differentiated products.

But, even without saying much about the novelty in the tweet, there are reports that reveal some additional data regarding this purchase, such as the fact that Nothing is planning to use patents that were recently acquired by Essential.

In practice, it is not yet known what these records would be and what differential they could make for the production of the brand’s TWS headphones, and not even if that would have to do with any possible product to be made available in the near future, but everything indicates that has to do with smartphone manufacturing.

It is worth remembering that Nothing is in the process of collective financing with a focus on finding one more advisor for the current group that is already part of the company, and thus having a representative of the target audience being directly responsible for brand decision making, something that it can make all the difference in the final result of the products.

The launch of the brand’s first TWS headphones is expected to take place in the summer of the northern hemisphere, between July and September. So, now just wait and see what Carl Pei is up to.