Carl Pei, former director of OnePlus, reveals launch date


After much mystery, Carl Pei, former director of OnePlus, revealed the date chosen to launch his new company to the world, allowing the technology market to know his new achievements, now that he is migrating out of the mobile market .

Last year, Carl surprised everyone by revealing that he was no longer part of the executive body of the Chinese giant, after 8 years of work, to dedicate himself to a personal project, and that he would be launching his own brand, which focuses on working on the part where he made an initial investment of US $ 7 million.

This value is based on the capital insertion of big names in the technological industry, such as Tony Fadell, the inventor of the iPod, Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch and Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit, showing that Carl Pei wants to develop a product that can be of high profitability, since it has a great team behind.

In a post on Twitter, he revealed that he is very happy to be able to launch the company on January 27th. And he made it clear that there is a lot of support on the part of Apple, since he received the MacBook Air with M1 chip so that the whole team has the job optimized.

However, he decided to draw ten units among his followers, something that will end up making the base of people following the profile the moment the launch is even greater.

So, now just wait to know more about the brand, which still has the unknown name, but, possibly, we will have access to headphones and other audio devices very soon on the market.


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