Do Cargo From China Carry the Corona Virus?


According to official statements, the Corona virus epidemic, in which the number of deaths exceeded 200, has been transmitted to more than 5 thousand people to date. Patients have been identified in many countries, including the USA, Germany, and France, and continue to be. So, is the Corona virus transported with products ordered from China through sites like Aliexpress?

The Corona virus outbreak has become one of the most concerned global health issues in recent history. Scientific research is ongoing in which ways the outbreak occurred. Like our country, the issue that is wondered in remote areas of China is whether the Corona virus can be transmitted by cargo.

Consumers in our country, who shop on many sites such as Aliexpress, may have placed orders before the onset of the outbreak or during the outbreak according to their urgent needs. A rightful Corona concern may have arisen in citizens regarding cargo from China. Speaking to NTV, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, Istanbul Medical Faculty. Dr. Haluk Eraksoy clarified the issue.

Corona virus can not live in a dry environment:
Speaking on behalf of Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, according to the statements of Eraksoy, Corona viruses can survive in living cells of humans or animals, just like other viruses. If a host cell is not found, Corona viruses lose their effectiveness in a short time. According to scientific findings, there are no favorable conditions for Corona viruses to survive in dry environments such as cargo packages.

Eraksoy clarifies the issue with the statement, “It is therefore impossible for viruses to survive on the surface of non-humid objects.” According to these explanations, non-moist products have no risk of carrying Corona virus while coming from China. However, if the ordered product contains moist substances, it may be at risk.

But what should be done if the people who prepare and package the cargo have Corona virus?
Actually, there is no precise way to understand this. cargo from China, together with the controls carried out in Turkey’s customs but can reach within 1 to 2 months. Professor Eraksoy said, “Some bacteria can withstand dryness for a long time and survive. Viruses lose their activities very quickly in dry extracellular environments. If a virus infects a lifeless item with the interests of an infected person, even a few hours to pass will be enough for it to lose its activity. So that virus can no longer be passed on to another person. ”

Corona virus is transmitted by respiratory secretions:
Viruses scattered in the environment during coughs, sneezes, laughter, and speech can find host cells in a new body without losing their effects. According to experts, it is necessary to have close contact of more than 2 meters in order for Corona virus to be transmitted from person to person. In addition, research into the infectious states of the virus continues.