Being more careful than science affects human health positively


Scientists working on people’s awareness say that practicing more increases attention and awareness. Eliminating only distracting factors is not enough to raise awareness and attention.

Researchers from Drexel University in the USA conducted a study called “current awareness”. Researchers explain “current awareness” as a state of constant attention and awareness that will make one fully aware of their experience. Factors that the researchers mentioned as experiences; It is expressed as sounds, smells, thoughts and emotions.

The researchers give the dish washing experience as an example. People often think of other issues rather than what they do when washing dishes. People experiencing current awareness feel the sponge and warm water as an experience when washing dishes and hear the sounds of the dishes placed in the sink.

He worked as a researcher at Brown University Awareness Center. Judson Brewer says more is needed than reducing smartphone usage times to increase awareness.

Eliminating distractions helps increase current awareness. However, in order to increase learning in the most efficient way, we need to know how our brain works. “After learning how our brain works, we can work with them using the brain learning functions that bother us,” Brewer said.

The brain repeats rewarding behavior. The brain always tends to choose the rewarding one when it is caught between two rewarding behaviors. If we pay attention to how we feel when we are distracted, we can make our brains rewarded for these situations. Understanding the negative aspects of distraction over time, how efficient it is to listen and connect in depth will show the reward of being aware of our brains.

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When the results of the two studies are considered together, it seems that it is possible to work more efficiently and more carefully by avoiding distractions or revealing their negative effects. Research conducted especially at Drexel University shows that increasing awareness also positively affects health.


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