Career: How to make Caitlin Survive a Night Alone (The Last Girl)


While most players would like to ensure the survival of the nine main characters in The Quarry, there are some who want to kill them all and save only one particular character. In this case, it’s Caitlin Ka, who was the event coordinator at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp, as well as a nurse due to Laura’s absence.

Unfortunately, to get the achievement of The Final Girl Achievement in The Quarry, you have to make many sacrifices. That’s because all the characters have to be dead to get this trophy, except Caitlin. As for the Hackett family, their condition doesn’t matter.

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How to make Caitlin survive a night alone and get the latest achievement of “Girl” in her career

Killing everyone while keeping the character alive can be a bit tedious, as it requires very specific steps.

Preparing for Caitlin to survive

In the first chapter, when Abigail is sitting on the stairs of the hut in the first chapter of The Quarry, choose a BREAK-IN when Emma arrives and take the forgotten toy. This is an important item that will save Caitlin in the last chapter.

Exploring the police station in the role of Laura in the seventh chapter, do not grab a syringe from the second floor. Instead, when she pretends to be sick, complete the QTE, take Travis’ gun, select a REQUIREMENT, and then SHOOT TRAVIS.

How to Kill everyone

Chapter 4 character Jacob Emma’s Method of choosing ABI’s HELP will make Jacob run to the bonfire. After saving Nick in the role of Ryan, the bushes near the fire begin to move and make a sound. Paranoid, Ryan aims a shotgun at him. To kill Jacob, SHOOT TWICE at the bushes. Emma is much easier to kill. After she climbs the stairs to the treehouse, the choice to “OPEN THE HATCH” causes the werewolf to pounce on her, killing the drama coach. 6 Abigail When Nick is about to transform, DON’T SHOOT HIM. Later, he will become a monster and behead Abigail. 8 Nick In the Red Room, controlling Ryan, DON’T STOP Laura from shooting the werewolf with silver, because it’s Nick. 9 Laura Ryan Dylan After Laura transforms, SHOOT Chris Hackett in Dylan’s perspective to cure Max and Laura. Since the latter shot Travis in chapter seven, he will stab her in revenge. At the moment of Laura’s death, choose an AGGRESSIVE dialogue, then fail QTE. As a result, Sheriff Northkill takes the shotgun from Ryan and shoots him in the face. At the junkyard, while Dylan and Caitlin search for details, choose: CAITLIN’s WARNING, SOUND THE BUGLE to save her. After that, when the monster attacks Dylan, fail the QTE to brutally finish him off. 10 Max. Choose to SWIM TO THE SHORE by controlling Max to kill him.

How to save Caitlin

Finally, in order for Caitlin to survive a long night alone, choose the following options when she returns to the cabin:


Since Abigail took a stuffed toy in the first chapter and left it in the cabin in the fifth chapter when Bobby broke in, Caitlin will find it in the kitchen, throw it into the freezer as bait and lock the werewolf Caleb inside the freezer, thus saving herself and surviving the rest of the night.

After the beginning of the epilogue, players receive the “Last Girl” achievement.

The Quarry is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.