Career: How to Get Travis and Laura to Kill Each Other (mutual guarantee)


The Quarry is an interactive horror, adventure and survival game for teenagers. Players have the opportunity to control nine main characters and choose who lives and who does not. In addition, it is also possible to make the characters work together or fight each other.

In The Quarry, following a certain set of options allows people to witness two characters killing each other at the same time. Not only that, but a third party will brutally meet their death at the hands of a monster.

How to get Travis and Laura to kill each other and get a mutually guaranteed career achievement

The ninth chapter is a very important chapter, which reveals more information about Silas, the White Wolf, and also gives players the opportunity to meet the Hacketts. Depending on their actions, family members either die or stay alive.

In the last scene of the ninth chapter, from Ryan’s point of view, the werewolf Chris Hackett attacks his brother Bobby, and Laura transforms and fights with Travis. The latter is pushed by a monster into a silver mirror, and he manages to hold one of its fragments.

Meanwhile, Ryan will come out from under the table and grab the discarded weapon. Once Chris is done with Bobby, his next target will be Ryan.

To get the achievement Mutually Assured, DON’T SHOOT Chris when he has a choice. This causes the monster to stick a weapon into Ryan’s skull, killing him.

Since Chris Hackett was not killed, Laura remains infected and will continue to attack Travis, forcing the policeman to use the silver shard as a weapon. In pain, the werewolf Laura deals Travis the final blow, decapitating his head and instantly killing him. After that, players will receive the achievement Mutually Assured.

How to get Laura and Travis to kill each other separately

In chapter nine, players have the choice to ACCEPT or REJECT Laura’s bite in order to save Ryan’s life. Rejection is a key step in creating a situation where Laura and Travis kill each other separately.

Later in the same chapter, Laura transforms and rushes at Travis, and Ryan finds a weapon firing silver bullets. When the time is right, SHOOT Chris Hackett to cure Laura. If she shoots Travis in chapter seven, the sheriff will stab her to death, but if not, Laura will be spared.

On the other hand, since Ryan refused the bite, he would bleed to death and drop the shotgun. Completing the QTE allows Laura to get to him first and target Travis.

Here she can shoot Travis and kill him. If the QTE fails, Travis will first grab him and then imprison Laura in a cell.

The Quarry is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.