Career: How to get Nick to kill Abigail (Lovers’ Quarrel)


It’s no secret that Abigail is in love with Nick and vice versa in “Career“. Players can also make them lovers or keep them friends depending on the options selected. The problem is that both characters are shy, so it’s a little hard for Abi and Nick to admit their feelings, let alone flirt with each other.

Unfortunately, as the night at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp passes, Nick’s condition from the infection only worsens, and Abigail tries to comfort him to the best of her ability, which will lead to serious consequences. But on the other hand, the players will get an achievement for this.

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How to get Nick to kill Abigail and get the “Lovers’ Quarrel” achievement in his career

To get the “Lovers’ Quarrel” achievement, players need not to shoot Nick in the sixth chapter of “Career”. After discovering Kayleigh Hackett’s corpse floating in the pool, the group decides to relax in the pool house while Nick recovers, as he is not feeling well.

Calming down, Caitlin asks Abi to look around the pool house and see if she can find anything to make Nick feel better. Here, players control the artist and can search for Tarot cards, clues and proofs. When you’re done, talk to Nick to start the cut scene.

In the video, Nick mocks Abigail and demands an answer to his confession. Whichever dialogue option is chosen, he will later grab Abi and throw her across the room.

Here the art teacher finds a shotgun on the floor and aims at it. Players must not shoot Nick, otherwise the achievement will not be received.

After that, Nick turns into a werewolf and attacks Abi. He hits her against the wall many times, crushing her body, and then bites off her head, brutally killing his love. When the cut scene ends, people will get the achievement “Lovers’ Quarrel”.

To save her life and get an achievement, activate the “Rewind” option in the title menu. Thus, after Abi’s death, a rewind is triggered, and players can use life to go back in time to the beginning of the scene and shoot Nick to save Abigail.

How Nick gets infected in his career

Nick gets infected in the third chapter, and it’s inevitable. In the third chapter of The Quarry, after the chaos that occurred in the game “Truth or Action”, Abigail rushes into the forest, and Nick follows her.

Sitting on a giant log and talking to each other, the characters can eventually confess their feelings to each other. It all depends on the choice of players.

Unfortunately, the moment is interrupted by a werewolf who attacks Nick and bites his leg, thereby infecting him. These sequences of events are inevitable, and Nick will be infected anyway.

The Quarry is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.