Career: How to get Nick to kill Abigail (achievement “Lovers’ Quarrel”)


In Supermassive Games’ newest game, The Quarry, players can get the Lovers’ Quarrel achievement by forcing Nick to kill Abigail. The Quarry follows camp counselors trying to survive a full moon night at Hackett’s Quarry Camp. Several members of the Hackett family are struck down by the curse, which eventually spreads to several camp counselors depending on the decisions of the players throughout the game.

The leader of the camp, Chris Hackett, is a werewolf who was bitten by his son Caleb. Caleb was the first Hackett to become infected after the release of the wolf boy Silas from his mother’s Freak Show carnival, Harem Scarem. Silas, a real werewolf, bites Caleb in the process. Regardless of the choices throughout the game, Nick from the Quarry becomes a werewolf after being bitten by the werewolf Caleb in Chapter 3. There is no way to prevent him from becoming infected in Chapter 3 and turning into a werewolf in Chapter 6.

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Of the many available achievements that players can get in a few playthroughs, there is an achievement called “Lovers’ Quarrel” that players can get by forcing Nick to kill Abigail in a Quarry. During the first half of the game, players learn that Abigail and Nick are in love with each other, but are too afraid to make the first move. When they finally tell each other about their feelings, Nick is bitten. When players become Abigail, they can interact with the changing Nickname in ways that can lead to her death, gaining the “Lovers’ Quarrel” achievement in the process.

How to get Nick to Kill Abigail in a Career

Abigail can be killed by Nick in Chapter 6. As soon as the players pass the scene when the camp counselors meet Laura and see her shooting Kayleigh Hackett, they take refuge in the pool house. Nick recovers, but behaves strangely towards Abigail, asking her if she really has feelings for him. In this scene, players will control Abigail; once they have finished searching the billiard room for collectible Quarry Tarot cards, as well as other clues and clues, they can talk to Nick to launch the next video.

Nick begins to put pressure on Abigail, and regardless of the choice, Abigail will be thrown across the room. Abigail will take the gun, and she will have to choose whether or not to shoot Nick, her lover. To get the “Lovers Quarrel” achievement in your career, don’t shoot Nick. Nick will turn into a werewolf, attack Abigail, crush her body against the wall and bite off her head. Then Nick runs away, and later in Chapter 8 he can be encountered.

If the players want to shoot Nick, Abigail will survive, but Nick will still escape, and they will not get the “Lovers Quarrel” achievement. If instead the players are interested in saving all the counselors in the Career, there is a way to do it, but it requires sacrificing some Hackett. It is impossible to get all the achievements in one pass.