Cardi B’s Reaction to Seeing Shakira & J.LO in The Super Bowl


The rapper shared with her fans what it meant for her to hear one of her songs at the event

Cardi B attended Super Bowl LlV , one of the most important sporting events in the United States and was updating her followers on Instagram with stories of what was in front of her eyes, mainly during the halftime show.

The show that was full of girl power might be pleasing to some and not so much to others, but Cardi B was enthusiastic and shared her excitement while we watched her enjoy the presentation by Sakira and J.Lo. It should be noted that Shakira resumed one of the rapper’s tracks within the setlist she presented.

The song chosen was ‘I like it’ but how did Cardi react to it? Although the rapper did not film her reaction on her own as she did with other moments, someone else captured it. That’s why we could see her enjoying that moment , which she would talk about later. In the short clip we see her move to the rhythm of the music while singing the lyrics that would be being played by Shakira in collaboration with Bad Bunny .

Later, Cardi took her Instagram account to make a live broadcast where she talked about the musical phenomenon that Shakira has long represented, arousing interest in her music and dance style in people who didn’t even speak Spanish. The rapper added.

“Do you understand that I grew up listening to these people? Sometimes I just can’t believe this. This is crazy. It’s like, wow. Life is very crazy. I would never have thought that this would be my destiny in life and I am very grateful.”


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