Cardi B’s fur coat and purple hair, She plays the provocative card


Cardi has struck again! On her Insta account, the beautiful singer posted a photo of her outfit! This time, she is provocative!

Cardi B has toured the web again ! On her Insta account, the famous rapper plays the provoc ‘card! The interpreter of “I like it” appears in a long coat with fur and purple hair!

Cardi B is still being talked about on the web! Indeed, the interpreter of “Money” has caused a buzz with her latest publication Insta! We find her as usual! But this time, with a touch of provocation! So, she takes the post to reveal her outfit of the day!

So Cardi B wears white pants and a beige turtleneck! To enhance her outfit, she matched her hair and nails to her bag! Indeed, they are purple! She wears heeled boots and XXL glasses! An outfit therefore, which suits her very well! The rapper is in the habit of posting in amazing outfits! What pleases her fans a lot!

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The rapper is always the head of her fans! And her husband too! Indeed, Cardi B and Offset are very often displayed together when there are events! Very accomplices, lovers melt their fans! They love to reveal their romance on their Insta accounts! In the past, lovebirds have taken a break. Today, they appear more in love and united than ever! They also concretize their love with the birth of their daughter, Kulture.

Cardi B fans are won over! The photo of her outfit that she posted today received many reactions! It is not far from reaching 2 million likes! A very good score for the rapper! Many of her fans compliment her on her outfit. Many have called it “Queen Purple”!


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