Cardi B Wins Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit over Photoshopped Back Tattoo


Cardi B was cleared of misappropriating the image of a man to use his tattoo on his back on the cover of the 2016 mixtape.
On October 21, the rapper was cleared of all charges after a group of four men and four women ruled that her company Washpoppin Inc. was not liable to the plaintiff, Kevin Michael Brophy. Brophy claimed that he felt shame and embarrassment when he saw that part of his tattoo on his back was applied to a male model for the cover of Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1.

The cover of this album depicts Cardi B in the back seat of a car with a bottle of beer, and a male model posing between her spread legs. After the decision, Cardi B addressed the crowd outside the courtroom. “I’m just grateful. I am immensely grateful, I even shed tears. I really don’t cry at all, and for some people it was probably a small trial, but for me it means a lot to me,” she told the audience.

“It means a lot to my legal team, and I want to wish everyone good luck. Everyone was really great lawyers, from my lawyers to the plaintiff’s team, it was a very interesting case,” said Cardi B.

The lawsuit about the tattoo on Cardi B’s back was first filed by Brophy in 2017 after the rapper failed to respond to a termination letter.
The lawsuit on behalf of Washpoppin Inc. and former Cardi B manager Rafael and his record label KSR Group seeks compensation, penalties and non-economic damages for misappropriation of his image in violation of Section 3344 of the California Civil Code and false invasion of privacy.

Brophy’s lawyers also sought a refund of the profits from the mixtape, which, according to the jury, brought more than $ 1 million in profit. However, Cardi B revealed that she earned only $225,000 after taxes on the mixtape. Cardi B also stated that she never specifically chose the design for the tattoo, but only wanted the model’s back to be edited for the album cover because he had too many pimples.


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