Cardi B was shocked by Pocah dancing on “WAP”!


Via her Twitter account, Cardi B let it be known that she had been blown away by the performance of singer Pocah on her hit “WAP”.

On a daily basis, Cardi B is very active on Twitter! This Thursday, February 18, the interpreter of “Money Bag” expressed her  admiration for Pocah who brilliantly illustrated on her track “WAP”.

To date, Cardi B is one of the stars to absolutely follow on the Web. On a daily basis, the young woman loves to stage herself on Instagram!

Like a real mother hen, she also likes to immortalize her moments of accomplice with her daughter Kulture. Totally gaga of the latter, the interpreter of “Please Me” gives her everything!

Very pretty, the little girl likes to wear the same luxury bags as her famous mother. Keen on makeup, mother and daughter very often wear makeup together, based on tutorials they adore.

Very comfortable with her femininity, the “I Like It” singer knows that her image sells. Offset sweetheart always makes a splash by posing in alluring outfits.

And she also shares new content on her private “Only fans” account. Thanks to the famous platform, the rapper would also hit the jackpot!

Indeed, Cardi B would cash in around $ 8 million every month. This Thursday, February 18, Kulture’s mom relayed a dance sequence from Brazilian singer Pocah on Twitter.

In the excerpt, the young woman surrounded by her dancers is in the mood on the track “WAP” by Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion. The proof in pictures!

Cardi B shocked by singer Pocah who dances on her track “WAP”!

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Like Cardi B, Pocah was able to ignite the Web on the tube “WAP”. In front of the camera, the star has also chained twerks and lascivious pauses to the delight of the Twittos.

Blown away by the video, Megan The Stallion’s sidekick wasn’t stingy with compliments. “Wow … Better than me”, captioned the incendiary brunette under her post.

There is no doubt that his comment must have pleased the principal concerned. Remember last year the “WAP” music video broke the internet!

In just a few days, he racked up millions of views on YouTube. Unfortunately, Cardi B and Megan The Stallion had also drawn the wrath of some internet users.

“WAP (which I overheard by chance) made me want to pour holy water in my ears,” tweeted politician James Bradley, tackling the title’s explicit lyrics.

Last year for “Kylie and Jackie O Show,” the “Drip” singer was keen to respond to his critics. “The song bothers people who are generally conservatives. Or really religious false religious, ”Cardi B.

According to her, the lyrics were nothing shocking and above all corresponded to the codes of hip hop. In any case, whatever may be said about it, the title “WAP” had the merit of stalling at the first place of the Billboard Hot 100 for several weeks!


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