Cardi B very fan of a Brazilian song on the distance!


Cardi B displays her musical tastes! The rapper adores and validates a Brazilian song over distance. She therefore shares it!

Cardi B in nostalgia mode! The rapper appears in fact lying in bed, music in her ears… She listens to a Brazilian song in the distance. What is happening to him?

Because we’re not used to seeing the rapper very sad. She seems indeed more often capable of jumping in all directions, swinging punchlines or making jokes than in moods like that …

But this time, not at all! She thus appears curled up in her bed, sad music in her ears … All, direct in her Insta stories. Maybe Cardi B just validates this song?

Not really, because in her stories before, she wrote “I miss her too much…” Who is this she? Because the photo remains very blurry, and very old … But the girl looks a lot like the rapper!

So we think he misses her sister. Indeed, Hennessy Carolina still lives in New York… while Cardi B, Offset and Kulture have moved to a big house in Atlanta. The distance therefore begins to weigh!


The rapper certainly does not often talk about her sister. But they seemed close during their childhood, and their adolescence. It’s hard for them to be separated, so …

All the more so in this complicated year 2020! Confined, blocked in New York by covid, Cardi B has had a difficult year. Because in recent months, she has also been close to divorcing Offset.

Her husband’s infidelities put her relationship to the test. But the rapper holds on and gives her husband a second chance. No doubt, too, in large part to keep Kulture close to both parents …

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The fact remains that in these complicated times, Cardi B would like to see her sister. But that’s not possible … So she consoles herself by listening to A distância tá maltratando. Yes, the distance hurts him. She therefore needs support!


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