Cardi B still so sad to no longer see her grandmother!


This Wednesday, November 11, Cardi B took to her social networks to pay a tribute to her grandmother who died in 2011.

It’s no secret that Cardi B shares everything with her followers. Yesterday, the incendiary brunette had a tender thought about her grandmother who died in 2011.

Cardi B is one of the most popular stars on Instagram to date. Indeed through this social network, the rapper has a large community: more than 77 million subscribers. Just that !

Along with all this, the “Money Bag” performer also performs on TikTok. Without forgetting the paying site “My Only Fans”.

On the Internet, Offset’s companion is not afraid of anything. Very comfortable with her femininity, she often raises the temperature with her alluring posts.

When Cardi B is in a teasing mood, she enjoys sharing totally crazy content. But this Wednesday, November 11, Kulture’s mom was nostalgic and sad.

Through her Instagram story, the young woman also paid tribute to her grandmother who died in 2011.


As you can see, Cardi B has therefore multiplied the posts to greet the memory of her grandmother. 9 years after her death, the “I Like It” singer never ceases to remember all the moments spent by her side.

“My grandmother passed away a few years ago. November 11, 2011 ″ captioned Cardi B by posting a screenshot of that date. “And for a while now, when I look at the time on that date: it’s exactly 11:11.”

But also: “I am sure and certain that my grandmother is watching and protecting me. I never felt lonely. I loved my grandmother and she loved me too. ”

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And to conclude: “I miss her a lot. But I know she’s got my back from where she is. I feel so lucky, sad and blessed today “.


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