Cardi B signs the most streamed female rap album of all time!


Everything smiles on Cardi B. The rapper also finishes the year on a high note! His album “Invasion of Privacy” is the most listened to on Spotify!

Nothing seems to stop the meteoric rise of the beautiful Cardi B! The proof: his album “Invasion of Privacy” is the most streamed album on Spotify.

In just a few years, Cardi B has become one of the key figures in urban music. In her clips, the pretty brunette always sets fire to the camera. Her very enthralling dances and ultra sexy outfits are her trademark. Nicki Minaj who would see her as “her big rival” simply cannot see her in painting. The height!

It was not that long ago, the two stars had their pancakes in front of journalists and photographers! For Nicki Minaj, there should only be one “Queen” in the Rap Game. However, Cardi B seems to have stolen her crown. Indeed, his latest album was a great success on Spotify! It easily overcomes all competition!

The numbers are there: Cardi B’s album “Invasion of Privacy” is the most streamed album on Spotify! A nice consecration for the rapper who always likes to surprise her audience. According to Chart data, it is also the most downloaded album for a female artist in its category. The class! The incendiary brunette project released in 2018 has more than 2.8 million plays!

It is a safe bet that Nicki Minaj will begayer against the nice score of his rival. As a reminder, his latest opus “The Pinkprint” released in 2014 alone accounts for only 1.8 million flows. In any case, Cardi B saw his notoriety explode thanks to his hit “I like It” in feat with Bad Bunny and J. Balvin. His accounting tube alone has 974,657,660 plays. Just that ! In the meantime, the singer of “Money” promises to hit hard with the release of his next album!


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