Cardi B: she reveals her buttocks in tight pants and buzz!


Cardi B is proud of his body! And she does not hesitate to know! The rapper has just posted a new sexy photo on her Instagram account. She reveals her buttocks in ultra tight pants. We let you discover …

Cardi B is the queen of provocative outfits! Indeed, the star loves to appear in sexy clothes. At each appearance, the pretty brunette is ravaging. It must be said that it does not do things by half! The rapper knows how to play with her charms and always puts its assets in value.

Yesterday, Cardi B shared a new picture on Instagram. She has unveiled a new sexy look that has not left people indifferent. On the picture, the artist approaches ultra-tight pattern pants. She takes the pose of back and lets then glimpse her butt XXL in the foreground. It did not take more to frenzy its subscribers. Indeed, its last has been more than 3 million to like the publication in a few hours. Unbelievable !

The fans of Cardi B are delighted! They do not hesitate to compliment their idol. “Wow, what a body,” “You are too beautiful! “Too sexy! You are canon “can we read in the comments. What to please the pretty brunette! As always, Cardi B is unanimous with his look. We love !

The singer meets a huge success on the web. But that’s not all ! His musical career is also good. And for good reason: Cardi B is the most listened rapper on Spotify US in 2019. Its tubes “Money” or “I Like It” continue then to make dance the whole world. To celebrate this good news, the singer announced that she was preparing to release a new album in 2020. Business to follow therefore!


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