Cardi B seems to provoke collaboration with Reebok!


Cardi B loves partnerships with big brands. This time, the sweetheart of Offset is putting the package, sexy as jaja for Reebok!

It’s safe to say that everyone is ripping it off right now … Indeed, Cardi B has just appeared in a brand new spot. This time, it’s for Reebok that she decided to strike the pose. And the result is pretty sexy!

As usual, Cardi B pairs well with a renowned brand. Earlier, we discovered her posing from her garden for Balenciaga.

We then saw him invest several spots in the Capital on gigantic kakemonos. Definitely, the star has energy to spare right now.

Once again, she gets to work and let’s say it: she has not been idle, far from it! So it was in a commercial for Reebok that the rapper first appeared.

Cardi B is there, as usual, at the peak of her style. One of a kind, this spot pays homage to the great diva that she is.

Dressed in a red and black Reebok ensemble, Cardi B struts around on a couch, devouring a crab claw with her claws. In front of her, a string of diamond-shaped seafood.


Just above, in the following shot, we then see one of the shoes on her foot, enthroned on a pedestal of diamond crabs.

It is therefore an exclusive collab made by the beautiful Cardi and the Reebok brand. Red sneakers, slightly translucent.

Cardi B has, as always, great class. The spot invites fans to become “inexplicable” like the diva in red!

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With 4 million views, this video is already flawless. In comments, one of her fans even said, “I want some! Both ! Crab claws and sneakers ”.


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