Cardi B reveals her incredible passion for pickles!


Cardi B loves pickles! On Instagram, the singer then unveils the contents of her cupboards filled with these little cucumbers.

Cardi B and the pickles is a really great love story. On Instagram, the interpreter of Thru Your Phone then reveals several pots hidden in her cupboards!

Very active on Instagram, Cardi B feeds her account every day with exclusive photos and videos. With it, Internet users do not have time to be bored.

Between the extracts of her songs, the photo shoots, the new announcements and the rants, there is plenty to do!

As a result, the very famous American singer and rapper has no less than 78 million subscribers on the platform. Just that !

And to the delight of its very large audience, it has once again created a surprise. Cardi B never stops!

The star of social networks thus reveals her unlimited passion for pickles. Yes, you did hear!


Earlier today, Cardi B fed her Instagram Story with a wacky brand new video. And her fans rejoice!

With her, moments of laughter are guaranteed. Very talented in her field, the darling of rapper Offset also appears as a quality humorist.

This time around, she made her millions of fans laugh out loud by revealing the contents of her cupboards … And to everyone’s surprise, there are only pickles!

No, you are not dreaming, they are indeed full of them. It feels like a supermarket! Cardi B is therefore one of those who do not remove the slice of pickle from their BigMac at McDonald’s!

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