Cardi B reveals a good part of her chest on Instagram!


Cardi B has decided to change physically. She is so delighted that she proudly displays herself with an XXL neckline on Instagram

Cardi B is very proud of her new body. So much so that she shows off more on her Instagram account.

On this Saturday, May 23, Cardi B is very happy. She does not hesitate to express all her joy on social networks. And for good reason !

She used physical change. Eh yes ! The starlet decided to have a large part of her body tattooed.

So it was on her Instagram account that she unveiled this incredible XXL tattoo. And it must be said that he is as atypical as his personality!

That fits him perfectly. Her body is now filled with very “punchy” and very different colors. The big star has something to see life in color isn’t it!

The tattoo is located at his back. Then he descends also descends at the level of his buttocks and his left thigh.

So inevitably, since yesterday, Cardi B continues to post photos of her new body. She shares very sexy shots that suggest her work of art.

And that’s not all ! Tonight, Cardi B has decided to party, as usual! So she bet on a very sexy outfit…

She is therefore dressed in a transparent yellow lace dress … which shows her whole body. She still put on underwear to hide her private parts.

The goal is clear! Through this XXL neckline, Cardi B therefore wishes to highlight its new tattoo. One thing is certain! His fans validate his body design.

The comments on Instagram are therefore very positive: “Too sexy, I wonder why you haven’t thought about doing it before. »Or:« Very hot! I’m a fan “.


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