Cardi B about to return with “Tiger Woods”: she is worried!

Cardi B will soon release his album “Tiger Woods”, but the approach of its release the rapper fears the worst. According to them, people only want him badly. We explain to you!

In fact, during an interview with Vogue, Cardi B spoke about his fears about his career. As much to tell you that they are numerous! It must be said that there was no indication that this former stripper broke a day. Besides, she even dethroned Nicki Minaj. It took him only 2 years to take his place and become a staple celebrity. Cardi became known through a reality show called love & hip hop.

Obviously the sound that made him known is Bodack Yellow, then things chained themselves very quickly. To date, Cardi is the first woman in the world to have won the Grammy Award for Best Album with “Invasion Of Privacy”. But that’s not all, the rapper is all-terrain, she has even proven in the cinema! Despite all his good news, a little girl named Kulture and a known companion (Offset) the young woman worries about her future.

Like anyone who starts in the world of music, Cardi B is worried for the future. Because her last title “Press” did not have the success she expected, the returns were not good. That’s what she dreads with the release of Tiger Woods. “This year is difficult for me. I feel like people are so tired that I win. When I look for my name on Twitter, it’s a lot of hate, hatred, hatred … ” she confides to Vogue.

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Cardi B seems to have a hard time overcoming criticism. “The music is changing. I get the impression that people just want to hear twerk-twerk music, but it’s like that, is it just a phase? I probably need to make sexy songs (…) But I also need more personal songs but it’s always harder to talk about feelings for me. It’s hard to be sweet, period. So I have a lot of thoughts, a lot of pressure. It’s taff! “. Many worries that we hope will make a great album! Its release is scheduled for early January 2020.



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