Cardi B responds to criticism Kulture’s $10,000 Hermès bag


After giving her daughter a luxury bag, Offset has been widely criticized. Cardi B therefore reacted on social networks.

Little Kulture was very spoiled by her dad. So he offered her a Hermès bag for 10,000 dollars! But Cardi B reacted to the many criticisms that aroused this bag.

Between Cardi B and Offset, everything seems to be fine. The couple who broke up is happier than ever. The reason for their happiness is none other than their daughter Kulture.

She is the apple of their eye. So they don’t hesitate to spoil her with every possible gift, even though she is only two years old!

Eh yes! A few days ago, the little piece of cabbage blew out its second candle. The opportunity for her father to give her a nice gift.

So he gave her a handbag. And not just any! Since it is then the Birkin of the Hermès brand. Well no you are not dreaming! We are talking about this 10 000 dollar accessory!

This gift offered to an adult has therefore caused controversy. There have been many reactions on social networks. Too much is too much! Cardi B therefore wanted to respond to criticism.


The beautiful Cardi B does not support such an attack on the man of her life. So she reacted on her Twitter account: “When a celebrity buys jewelry for her kids or designer clothes, people say, ‘Kids don’t care about any of that, they just want candy and toys … ”

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“Of course the kids just want toys and candy. But the thing is, kids, go outside too. They go to restaurants, to classy places, to red carpets… ”

Cardi B then ends: “And if I’m fresh and her daddy is too, then my child will be too.” If I wear Chanel my daughter will wear the same. “


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