Cardi B ready to seriously get into politics? She rocks!


Hang on! Cardi B could well shine in the political world. The rapper has also confided on Twitter.

Cardi B is a versatile woman! The interpreter for “Money” has informed his subscribers that he is interested in politics.

For several years, Cardi B has been in the spotlight. The young woman connects the hits and the rewards. It must be said that with her very enticing clips and her buzzing lyrics, the pretty brunette never goes unnoticed. But that’s not all ! The star also has a colorful personality. The rapper does not have her tongue in her pocket and says openly what she thinks. The star is not afraid of anyone and she likes to let people know!

Not too long ago, Cardi B did not hesitate to tackle Donald Trump on the web. “The Iranians are not terrorists unlike Trump,” then dropped Kulture’s mother. It must be said that since the death of Qassem Soleimani, some Americans are afraid of a war with Iran. Annoyed, the rapper even said that she could even apply for Nigerian nationality.

Last Sunday, Cardi B made the buzz on the Web. The young woman has also made rare confidences: “I think I want to be a politician. I really like the government even if I don’t agree with the government. ” The pretty brunette has also confided without filter on the conflict between the United States and Iran. “Why are you trying to go against a country and maybe start a war when that country lacks patriotism? “, She then delivered on Twitter. Under his post, many fans validated his words. But his haters were not far away! Some did not hesitate to tackle it!

“I hardly see people pretending that they love being American,” also added the star, drawing the wrath of some Internet users in stride. An activist at heart, Cardi B is an activist for social security and education in the United States. The wife of Offset validates 100% the candidacy of Bernie Sanders for the next presidential elections in 2020. The politician had not failed to display his admiration for the young woman … Case to follow we tell you!


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