Cardi B reacts to the challenge in “WAP”


After the premiere of Cardi B’s new song, netizens have taken the ‘WAP’ challenge on Tik Tok, although they have suffered serious injuries for trying.

Since Cardi B released her new song ‘WAP’ on YouTube in collaboration with Meghan Thee Stallion, a new viral challenge began to emerge on Tik Tok that consists of performing the dance steps that the rapper presented in the music video, although some people have had physical injuries.

And it is that that challenge seemed to be harmless, but the truth is that both men and women have suffered serious injuries in various parts of their body, since for wanting to do the choreography of Brian Esperson, the vast majority have suffered the consequences.

We remember that the song ‘WAP’ by rapper Cardi B in collaboration with Meghan Thee Stallion, was released a few days ago, which is why it has become one of the favorites on YouTube by adding more than 134 million views, but the challenge viral has injured several people.

People try the ‘WAP’ on Tik Tok

Through her official Instagram account, Cardi B shared a shocking tik tok video in which a girl, who decided to join the viral challenge ‘WAP’, ended up getting a big scare and ended up in hospital.

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Please guys be safe while doing the WAP WAP WAP

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The girl was doing the choreography of ‘WAP’, but an oversight ended in the worst way, since she dislocated her knee when interning doing a split as in the video, so the internet celebrity expressed on her Instagram account that the challenge could be dangerous.

Many people have tried to follow the trend of tik tok, but the vast majority have been victims of injuries, blows and even fractures, because in order to try the dance steps of Cardi B, in the videos you can see that they have been only accidents .

Cardi B and her viral challenge on Tik Tok

Since the 27-year-old rapper released her new song ‘WAP’, it has become a trend, since due to the situation due to the global pandemic, Internet users have been entertained by sharing videos on Tik Tok and other social networks.

In the video clip, you can see the seductive way in which the rapper shows off her hot dance steps with Meghan Thee Stallion and the dancers, so those sexy movements have been imitated by Internet users.

Until now, users continue to share the tik tok challenge through social networks, although at the time Cardi B commented that it is dangerous, as this was revealed by the terrible accident suffered by a girl, who ended up in hospital. Do you think users join the ‘WAP’ challenge without weighing the consequences?

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