Cardi B in quarantine: She misses her hometown, New York


The confinement may seem long … Cardi B does not live very well! The singer seems very sad when she thinks of New York!

Cardi B doesn’t like staying locked up at home ! In confinement, the rapper is bored … So she thinks of New York , her city. She thus seems very sad not to be able to go out. What anguish!

She lived well in confinement at first. The rapper seems very sad now … So that she has managed to release one of the best titles on the coronavirus, she begins to be bored.

She started by rapping, by making a lot of love with Offset , and also by enjoying… But she begins to be afraid since her hospitalization. She seems to have dark ideas…

And these dark ideas therefore gave an Instagram story . Less cheerful than usual, she published an all black screen. With just a few words: “I miss home …”

The house is New York. We understand this thanks to the little emoji of the Statue of Liberty… We know it especially because Cardi B spent all her childhood in the Bronx .

The most astonishing for Cardi B : this large black background … We could have hoped for a photo of New York. Or even a snapshot of her apartment there. But this sad black background does not look like her .

We therefore wonder if the rapper does not feel the need to go out , change the air … The need that many people have, stuck because of the coronavirus.

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But she does not allow herself to be brought down. She offers $ 1,000 to fight the virus every hour . We can therefore follow Cardi B’s story to the rhythm of her donations…

A good way to overcome containment, and also to move towards the end of the crisis! But times are hard for the rapper. She lost a friend, she can no longer make love with Offset…

Containment becomes more and more complicated . But Cardi B can count on her little Kulture to cheer her up… Fortunately!


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