Cardi B puts snakes on her head to celebrate Halloween


Cardi B left her fans speechless by wearing a creepy Medusa costume to celebrate Halloween.

No wonder Cardi B has done her best for Halloween 2020! The “WAP” singer revealed her second look of the season and it featured some pretty amazing special effects.

The singer shared a couple of photos of her Medusa costume on social media, in which she wore a strapless gold metal bodice with matching gold hardware around her waist.

The artist also wore a snake bodice from waist to toe, which made her look even more like Medusa.

To complete the look, Cardi B’s hair was used in a hairstyle with CGI snakes popping out of it. She kept the theme going with lots of snake accessories, like a gold choker, bangles, and bands wrapped around her upper arms. Even her nails were adorned with delicate golden snakes!

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When it came to her makeup style, she was struck by a very contoured look, which included a dark brown eyeshadow and matching brown lip color.

As Somagnews reported, just yesterday, Cardi B visited a haunted house with her husband Offset and revealed one of her most extravagant hairstyles yet.

She took to her Instagram Stories on October 30 to document the spooky night, giving fans a glimpse at her abstract wig that featured a bright blue hue with puzzle piece shaped neon green highlights placed throughout her hair for an eye-catching effect. .

Cardi B paired the glamorous look with an electric blue suit to match her equally shiny hair.

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