Cardi B pays tribute to her dead grandmother with a sweet message!


The Queen of American Rap has just posted a sweet message in tribute to her grandmother. Deceased on November 11, 2011, Cardi B seems then convinced that the spirit of his granny is still present.

The 27-year-old singer, Cardi B, expresses her gratitude for the signs of life. In a post published on Insta, the young rapper wanted to pay homage to her grandmother. She then posted a screen of her mobile phone followed by a touching message.

“Hello guys, my grandmother died on 11-11-11. I just looked at my phone and it’s 11:11 am. I know she’s watching over me. Thank you Lord for all the little messages that let me know you exist. “Explained the young woman.

Everything suggests that the beautiful Cardi B has not yet recovered from the death of his grandmother. Thus, thanks to her post, she was able to be supported by many people. Indeed, this publication generated more than 1300 comments and more than 1 million likes. Her friend and singer Jessenia Gallegos has also supported the New Yorker. “These are numbers powers or master numbers, obviously she is your guardian angel, and at that moment she was sending you a message. Listen, pay attention and stay awake. Keep showing all these blessings, “she explained.

Chris Crocker, meanwhile, took the opportunity to confide on the loss of a friend. The latter would have sent him many signs after his death. Also, through this post, Hennessy Carolina, sister of Cardi B, also expressed her respects. The young woman said that she missed her grandmother.

If Cardi B still has not mourned, everything suggests that she appreciates every sign of God.


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