Cardi B and Offset offer an incredible property for Christmas! (PHOTO)


No Christmas gift is too big for Cardi B. The rapper and her companion, Offset, have indeed bought a new home!

This must have taken up space at the foot of the tree! Cardi B and Offset have just bought the house of their dreams for Christmas. They therefore show it to their fans on Instagram!

“Deal concluded,” Cardi B writes in caption of a joyous video posted yesterday on his Instagram account. Indeed, we can see her entering her brand new house with her companion, Offset. The property is located in Atlanta, and to believe the couple it is full of surprises.

“Let me show you how great it is here,” Cardi B tells her Instagram followers. She then films a gigantic staircase, and a vast dining room. “I’m not going to cry!” I’m not going to cry, ”she continues. She then trains her fans in her new kitchen. It has two worktops and a pantry larger than a bedroom.

The rapper couple then head to their bedroom. It has two incredible dressing rooms separated by their own corridor. This is luxurious! Cardi B then takes her camera for a walk in her bathroom, where she reveals a sublime bathtub and marble basins.

In a second video, the couple take their fans to their new library. “This is where the kids will come to have fun,” says Cardi B. The two happy owners then head to their basement, where there is a wine cellar. “We will be able to drink,” says the rapper. Offset then takes the camera and heads for the garage. It could hold between seven and eight cars. The tour ends with the garden and the swimming pool. All that remains is to wait for the housewarming party!


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