Cardi B and Offset: the couple appears super glamorous for the 50th anniversary of P. Diddy!


Cardi B and Offset were together on P. Diddy’s birthday. The two stars were very close and glamorous for the event.

For several weeks, rumors have announced that Offset has again deceived Cardi B. However, the two stars have appeared closer than ever for P. Diddy’s birthday.

Right now, Offset finds himself in the middle of a controversy because he would again be accused of infidelities. Indeed, Cardi B’s darling would have cheated on her with rapper Tekashi’s girlfriend69. However, Kulture’s mother preferred to defend her husband because she wants to believe in her couple. So, she turned the page with this story and she remains close to the rapper.

Cardi B has no intention of being brought down by rumors of her husband’s infidelity. So, on Saturday evening, the star prepared to celebrate P. Diddy’s birthday. The latter celebrated his 50th birthday and organized an evening at his mansion in Beverly Hills. In addition, he invited many stars and the singer was among the guests with her husband!

Kulture’s mom wanted to go to P. Diddy’s party with Offset and they seemed on very good terms. Thus, the starlet wore a beautiful low-cut black dress and Cardi B let glimpse a small part of her chest. For her part, her husband had a nice black suit to be in tune with the singer. Then, during the evening, they posed together and they were very glamorous!

Thus, it seems that Cardi B has forgiven her husband. The star had a good time with him and they were very beautiful together at the evening. However, the singer and Offset weren’t the only ones invited to P. Diddy’s birthday. Indeed, the Kardashian – Jenner sisters were also there and they were very beautiful. Jay-Z and Beyoncé were also there and there were actors like Leonardo DiCaprio.


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