Cardi B: his new very violent rant against Donald Trump!


Cardi B is angry with Donald Trump and she makes it known on social networks. She hopes to have an impact on her community!

Cardi B no longer supports Donald Trump and she says so in her last post. We explain everything in this article!

Cardi B no longer laughs! The young woman decided to have a rant on President Donald Trump. Indeed, she does not carry it in her heart like millions of people around the world. The young woman, who is used to reacting to every event, alerted her fans. The elections are approaching and she plans to push young people to vote in 2020!

Cardi B is quite shocked by the behavior of Donald Trump. As a reminder, the United States killed Iranian soldier Qassem Soleimani with a drone. This mission, which came to light, only damaged relations between the two countries. A huge crowd gathered in Tehran to pay homage to the general. In addition, Iran reacted immediately: missiles were sent to American bases in Iraq as well as rockets.

Cardi B posted a shocking video on her Instagram account. It shows Iranians in tears and shocked by this situation. Finally, she captioned: “The Iranians are not terrorists, unlike Trump.” The video reacted to his community, as it received more than 99,000 comments. However the star is not afraid to say what she thinks and she is not the only one to do so. Actress Patricia Arquette raised her concern when she received an award at the Golden Globes!

This is not the first time that Cardi B has talked about politics. Indeed, she had met the democratic candidate Bernie Sanders in 2019. Besides, the video had caused buzz on social networks. Elections are approaching and she hopes to have an impact! The young woman remains very influential, as she has more than 57.5 million fans on Instagram. Indeed, since the release of her last album, she has become an essential star. In addition, she is in the Forbes rankings because she earned more than $ 25 million last year. In conclusion, Cardi B intends to have an impact in 2020!

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Voice of Iranians.They not terrorist.Trump is .

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