Cardi B: after the new Trump controversy, she plans to leave the United States!


Cardi B takes what is happening in his country seriously. So following Trump’s words, she thinks she will go into exile in Nigeria if nothing goes well!

Following recent comments by Donald Trump, Cardi B has decided to speak out but also to act in his own way and to cover his back for the years to come! We’re talking to you!

Indeed, the tensions between Washington and Iran are high and made the singer think! Especially since Cardi B does not have her tongue in her pocket, moreover recently she appeared alongside Senator Bernie Sanders. Who could well be an opponent of Trump for the 2020 elections. As soon as a few things bother Cardi, she grabs her social networks to utter a rage.

So that’s what the interpreter from Bodak Yellow said, saying it was “Trump’s stupidest shot”. The singer therefore joined the debate of those who imagine a 3rd world war. So she also joked about the different meme that took over the situation. However she knows that the situation could escalate so she assures her back!

So the singer submitted an idea to her fans, that of going to Nigeria! “But these are not jokes. […] It is sad that this man endangers the lives of Americans. […] I am applying for Nigerian nationality ”. As a reminder, Cardi B was in Nigeria as well as in Ghana a few weeks ago. During her tour dates in Africa she also took the opportunity to come to the aid of an orphanage. But also having fun in a strip club.

This tweet was not unanswered! Because following the Nigerian politician Abike Kafayat Oluwatoyin Dabiri-Erewa reacted to Cardi B’s tweet “As the head of the Nigerian diaspora, we are looking forward to welcoming you again. Our doors are open, sister. ” But that’s not all ! Bashir Ahmad, the personal assistant to the President of Nigeria, also reacted to the news with a joke! “Nigeria versus Ghana, the case is closed.” Case to follow!


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