Cardi B Named Footwear News Style Influencer of the Year


Singer Cardi B was honored on Footwear News for her great work in this area.

Footwear News unveiled the recipients of the 34th annual Footwear News Achievement Awards on Wednesday, and singer Cardi B received special recognition.

The rapper was named Style Influencer of the Year, which is not surprising since she always includes high-level kicks in her lyrics (red pants and those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks).

On November 13, Cardi B will leave a full collaboration with Reebok, which she announced on her birthday earlier this month.

Cardi B captivates with her look

The sneakers worn by singer Club C have a black and white design with a see-through sole and are available in toddler and adult sizes, costing $ 50 and $ 100, respectively.

“I have always liked fashion. Back then, I couldn’t afford what I wanted, now I can. It’s easier and I have more connections with the brands, ”Cardi B told FN. “I could wear the most uncomfortable shoe and I’ll just take it and love it because it’s fashion, it’s beauty, it’s amazing, it’s different. I get bored, so that’s when my stylist and I [Kollin Carter] get creative and come up with something new and amazing. ”

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