Cardi B melts the canvas with an adorable photo of Kulture!


Cardi B continues to pamper her little Kulture! The rapper posts a photo on Insta … Her daughter looks more and more like her!

Kulture therefore follows in her mother’s footsteps! While Cardi B often posts stories of her little one, this time she chooses to make her pose…. No more doubt, the little girl will follow in her parents’ footsteps!

Because we are used to seeing the little girl in all her states. It must also be said that she is just two and a half years old. Like all children her age, we therefore find her both playful and capricious … But her mother knows how to take care of her!

Cardi B chooses to dress her in all possible ways. Especially to look like him. When she takes a picture of her daughter, the rapper can therefore feel a certain pride… Because her daughter already looks like her. Even at the height of her two years!

The artist publishes a photo of her daughter sitting on a step. So far, nothing surprising … But the rapper adds a “dressed by me”. In view of the photo, you can indeed feel the artist’s paw on her daughter’s outfit!

Kulture thus finds himself in a blue dress, with a jeans jacket. Cardi B also decided to match her daughter’s shoes with a cute little pink handbag… A pink that is also found on the knot in the girl’s hair.

So she looks dressed like an adult! A real success for the rapper, who can not help but have fun. “I was made to be the mother of a girl,” she wrote in the caption.

Cardi B melts the canvas with an adorable photo of Kulture!


But the funniest part comes later. Because Kulture seems very wise in the photo… Much wiser than what her mother can sometimes display on Insta. So there would be a secret behind this a little too perfect shot.

Cardi B doesn’t hide it: she must have been tricky to come up with such a beautiful photo. But above all also calm. She adds that “Offset had to bribe Kulture with cookies to succeed in taking these photos.”

The shooting seemed indeed very calm. A smiling little girl, sitting, standing, who does not remove the knot in her hair, who does not let go of her purse … But who has a reward for that, here’s the trick!

This idea makes Cardi B and Offset laugh. But the rapper does not miss an opportunity to place a product either! “By the way, the sneakers come from my Reebok collection …”

The circle therefore seems complete: perfect photos of Kulture, a secret to keep her in place, and shoes sold as a bonus … The whole family therefore had a nice team shoot!


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