Cardi B May Face Artist’s Lawsuit Over Her Simpsons Halloween Costume


The artist is unhappy with Cardi B and may sue her. Rapper Anaconda is known not only for her music, but also for her fashion sense. She saw how quickly she became famous with her first hit Bodak Yellow in 2018. Since then, the rapper has won several awards and is widely known at events.

Cardi B, whose real name is Belkalis Marlenis Almansar, often watches the creation of various experimental costumes and even draws inspiration from the show. She appears at the Met Gala and also dresses uniquely for Halloween. But this year’s Halloween costume may entail a lawsuit by an artist who feels discredited.

How Cardi B’s Halloween Costume Can Be Brought to Court

Cardi B has dressed up as Marge Simpson more than once. However, this year’s costume caused criticism and a possible lawsuit from the artist. According to the source, she posed in a red dress that exposed her cleavage, with blue hair and makeup that was similar to the image of Marge Simpson. But Italian artist Alessandro Palombo, who originally created this drawing by Marge Simpson, objected to this. He claims that the WAP singer had no right to copy the image.

According to the allegations, she also did not believe him at work. However, she paid tribute to the French designer Thierry Mugler. Palombo took Mugler’s creation as his artistic inspiration for the Simpsons character. Claudio Volpi, Palombo’s lawyer, said Cardi B violated “the most basic rules of copyright and Instagram policy” in the case.

According to him, Cardi’s team was contacted about the fact that his client was not listed in her Halloween photo, but they did not give any response, so he sent a notification about the same. Thierry Mugler originally demonstrated the design of the dress in 1995, which was part of his Autumn-Winter collection. The Cardi B team has not yet responded to the allegations made by artist Palombo. It will be seen whether the artist really filed a lawsuit.

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