Cardi B makes her subscribers win naughty toys!


Cardi B wins special gifts for her fans … The American singer offers her followers to win naughty toys. Cardi B announced it a few days ago via Twitter and Instagram, she is preparing a gift for her fans. As Christmas approaches, the sweetheart of Offset will stop at nothing for her subscribers.

Very active on social networks, the WAP interpreter has planned to spoil his fans as it should. “There is a surprise coming,” she warned on December 20.

A tweet liked and shared more than 52,000 times in the space of a few days. On the same day as her previous tweet, she wrote, “You are not ready.”

And indeed, his fans weren’t expecting what was to come. In her Instagram Story, little Kulture’s mom decided to throw a game for the holidays.


In her Instagram Story yesterday, Cardi B announced that she was organizing a contest … The prizes in games are nothing but toys for adults.

On Twitter, fans have therefore massively shared the video of their idol. In the pictures, she promotes the said toys and promises the winner “fun” alone or in pairs.

Queen of provocation, Cardi B has thus built an empire around her very controversial image. Her very daring videos and her tendentious lyrics made the young woman from the Bronx a reference in American rap.

And it’s a box. The biggest stars of the moment therefore all hope to make a duet with the popstar. Recently, she had the luxury of inviting Kylie Jenner to her latest daring music video, WAP.

The lyrics speak for themselves. “Spit in my mouth, look me in the eye, this ch **** is wet, come and bathe in it and tie me up like it surprises me.” We understand better why Cardi B has accepted a partnership with a brand of toys for adults …