Cardi B makes a beautiful declaration of love on Instagram!


Despite her shocking aftershocks, her unfiltered rap, and her outspokenness, Cardi B has everything of a mother hen. She proves it with her daughter Kulture.

Cardi B saw her family grow 2 years ago with the birth of her daughter Kulture. On Instagram, the young and pretty mother makes a touching statement to her.

There is no need to say, Cardi B, therefore, enjoys her role as a mom. And the young mother and darling of Offset wanted to make a statement to her adored little girl!

Recently, her daughter Kulture was celebrating her 2nd birthday. For this happy moment, Cardi B has therefore reserved a party worthy of the name for her.

Offset had given her daughter a very nice gift. A Hermès “Birkin” pink bag, which must have been jealous, among her playmates. Finally, the couple is extremely wealthy, as she shows on Instagram.

The bag cost no less than 110,000 euros… But when you love, you don’t count! In addition to material goods, the star child can also count on the unconditional love of her parents.

Starting with her mom, Cardi B, who showed it on her Instagram page. In a story, the Trinidadian singer wrote: “My daughter woke up out of nowhere at 5 am. Still standing since ».


Despite this observation, which seems to exhaust the pretty rapper, she is no less tender in front of her adorable face. “I love her from the bottom of my veins,” she wrote in another story.

On this one, we, therefore, see the very cute little Kulture, a pacifier in the mouth. Coiled in her plaid, she offers a mischievous look to the camera. Enough to melt the Web, after all!

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Cardi B is very lucky to have it in her life. And she wants to prove it from the bottom of her heart. Like what, the love of a mother is limitless!


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