Cardi B: Kulture is preparing for “Netflix & Chill”!


Cardi B has just posted a new video on her Instagram story account. She reveals her daughter Kulture ready for a big night out!

Cardi B has a two-year-old daughter, Kulture. And the least we can say is that at her age, the little girl already knows how to have fun. As we can see in the story on the account of the rapper, the little girl is preparing a “Netflix and Chill” evening.

Kulture is very young but already has a strong sense of priorities. And it’s not his mother who will say otherwise. Indeed, Cardi B often posts messages from her little girl on her social networks. And today, mother and daughter are preparing for a quiet evening.

A little rest for the rapper who has a busy life. Indeed, she had a year rich in emotion. And for good reason, despite the coronavirus crisis, it has chained the projects. And all these successes have earned him a title of the most honorable.

In fact, this Friday, November 20, she has just been voted Woman of the Year by the American magazine “Billboard”.


And the least we can say is that this title is quite prestigious. It must be said that Cardi B has not been idle this year with these different collaborations.

Some netizens did not understand why even though she had only released one track. Cardi B decided to respond to her haters. “For those who whine ‘but … she only released one track …’: yeah, I released THAT track, the one that sold the most, the one that was streamed the most, the one that Republicans cried over Fox News, the one that was certified six times platinum in three months. […] ”

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“For over a year, I used my influence and my networks to get you all to vote, and not just when Joe Biden got the better of Trump. ”

So she deserved plenty of rest, which is why Cardi B took a “Netflix and Chill” break with her daughter Kulture.


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