Cardi B, Justin Bieber, Kardashian: 2020 PCA Winners


That night were the PCAs of 2020. But did Justin Bieber or Cardi B win a prize? We tell you more! The big E! Ceremony took place last night. People’s Choice Awards 2020. The opportunity to reward the best artists of this year. But, who are the winners of this year’s PCAs? Justin Bieber? Cardi B? Or Cole Sprouse?

That night, the PCA ceremony took place, broadcast as usual, live on E !. The opportunity therefore, for the artists of the moment, to be rewarded for their work of 2020, by their fans in person. Indeed, this ceremony is the only one entirely voted by the public! Crazy, right?

Speaking of votes, viewers have pulverized the scores this year. Indeed, there were over a billion votes! Impressive!

And for good reason, this year, among the nominees, there were many incredible stars. Indeed, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, among others, won 7 nominations each for the PCAs. Just that !

Among the nominees were also Cole Sprouse, Ellen Pompeo, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Will Smith, but also Noah Centineo.

In short, a top selection!

But ultimately, which personalities have won an award?

We tell you more!


So who are ultimately the big winners of the PCAs 2020?

On the cinema side, Bad Boys for Life was crowned film of the year and The Kissing Booth 2 won the 2020 comedy film award. Regarding the nominated actors, Will Smith won the male movie star award from 2020, and Tiffany Haddish of the female movie star. Finally, Joey King (The Kissing Booth 2) received the 2020 Comedy Movie Star Award.

On the TV side this time, Grey’s Anatomy was voted Series of 2020, Riverdale Drama of 2020, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the reality show of 2020. Regarding nominated TV stars, Chase Stokes (Outer Banks) received the 2020 Male TV Star Award, and Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy) 2020 Female TV Star.

Finally, on the music side, the singer of 2020 is Justin Bieber, singer of 2020 Ariana Grande, and BTS’s Band of the Year!


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