Cardi B: Instagram wants to remove the likes, it reacts!


Cardi B never hesitates to express his opinion. The recent decision of the Instagram social network does not please him at all. The platform wants to remove the “likes” on the pages of users. Of course the singer puts his grain of salt, no exception to the rule.

It is precisely in an Instagram publication that the rapper of the Bronx approaches the subject. For Cardi B, Instagram focuses on the bad things. “I like” are not a problem according to her. In contrast, the comments section would need a facelift and control.

“It’s a big shake right now that the likes of Instagram are removed,” she begins to say. “I feel like at first, everything was so fun. People wanted to post their photos, get “I like. But it’s been a strange twist since people start to like the messages. Since it’s ok to like comments or respond to others’ comments, Cardi B. continues.

Cardi B then goes on to directly address the dangers of the comments section of the platform. She then pleads her role in cyber-bullying or cyber-bullying. She also attacks the “hunt for influence” process. For the singer, it’s out of fashion.

“If anything affects Instagram right now, it’s the way the comments were made; or have changed in recent years, “she hastens to add. I have the feeling that people are saying things that are more and more bizarre. Let them start arguing, starting to race … to get to the top, they want the most reaction. And that’s what I feel. Comments affect more than “likes”. ”

So, will Cardi B’s message be heard by the managers of the platform? Nothing is impossible, but the way is still fraught with pitfalls …