Cardi B: hood and beret, its crazy look amazes the Web! (PHOTO)


Cardi B made the buzz with its look! As always, the star appeared with a crazy outfit! Quickly discover his new madness!

Cardi B has struck again! Indeed, the rapper made a remarkable appearance at the gallery of Richard Orlinski in Paris. We let you discover her look in the photo!

It’s no longer a secret: Cardi B is the queen of provocation. The star loves to be talked about for her ever sexier outfits! And the latter does not lack imagination! Indeed, each of its appearances is an event. It must be said that the young woman is not cold in the eyes! And she doesn’t hesitate to wear crazy looks.

Yesterday, the artist visited the gallery of Richard Orlinski in Paris. The fashionista therefore opted for an outfit for the occasion. She wore a tight-fitting black jumpsuit. But surprise! Cardi B also approached a hood and a beret to match her outfit. The star’s face was then completely hidden. What amazes its many fans!

Many Internet users reacted on Instagram. Indeed, more than 1 million like the publication of Cardi B. And they do not hesitate to give their opinion in the comments. “I think it’s all more beautiful look”, “How do you breathe? »,« You are the best »,« Too weird »can we read under the pictures. Even if the young woman is not unanimous, her crazy outfit leaves no one indifferent! Successful bet for the rapper!

This is not the first time that Cardi B has appeared hooded at an event. Indeed, the New Yorker has already made the buzz this week in Paris by hiding her face in a church. The Offset sweetheart has not finished surprising us. The fashionista has many crazy looks for fashion week in store. We can’t wait to see more! And you ?

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