Cardi B has been criticized for her ignorance at 4K!


On Twitter, American rapper Cardi B asked her fans what 4K is. Some people have clashed with her ignorance.

On the social network Twitter, the American rapper Cardi B admitted not knowing what 4K meant. Some of her fans, shocked by her lack of culture, have slammed him.

Internet users never spare Cardi B! Indeed, they always target the American rapper. Latest episode to date: her  ignorance of 4K.

And for good reason, the artist recently posted a tweet in which she asked her fans what 4K means. So far, nothing really bad.

In fact, little Kulture’s mom asked her followers not to laugh at her. After all, the curvaceous young woman knows her question might sound silly.

“Please don’t make fun of me guys or I’ll have a very depressing lonely night, but what does 4K mean?” She wrote on the social network to the Blue Bird.
Especially since millions of people know the answer. However, Cardi B wants to make up for her lack of knowledge and is simply asking for help from internet users.

Thus, there are those who praised his innocence. Indeed, some have asserted that she was very courageous to face her ignorance, and to admit it before the whole Earth.

But in troll heaven, of course, it’s not all kind people. So, some did not hesitate to mock his request. And this, from the comments section of its publication!

Cardi B criticized on the web for her ignorance of 4K


In just a few hours, Cardi B’s post goes viral. Thus, he crossed the threshold of 34,000 likes. So, the comments are raining under his tweet.

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So there were those who really wanted to help him. “4K is the abbreviation for the resolution of 4096 x 2160. It’s always based on the number of horizontal pixels, so 4K (4000 pixels rounded down),” wrote one fan.

Before adding: “You can see 3840 x 2160 called 4K or UHD. One has an aspect ratio of 1.9: 1 and the other is 16: 9. “An explanation he copied and pasted from a site on the Internet.

But for Cardi B, some are ready for anything! Others, on the other hand, were much less sympathetic towards him. “I used to think that if you live in the United States, English comes automatically,” said another.

Before summing up: “Either way. 4k is four thousand. You’re welcome, I know you won’t answer me. “One tweeted outbid:” Aya, she doesn’t know what 4K means. ”

Besides, one of them tried to be funny. “It’s like a security camera catching your man cheating on you, but the quality of the images is so good you can even see the dimples on his face so you can. »Ouch …


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