Cardi B: his gift for Offset is angering internet users!


On December 14, Offset celebrated its 28th birthday and it was with all its relatives. Cardi B gave her a gift and it was not well received by the fans.

A few days ago, Offset celebrated his 28th birthday and he was happy to be able to celebrate his birthday with his friends and Cardi B. The couple have had a few crises in recent months and the rapper has once again cheated on his sweetheart. Nevertheless, Kulture’s mom has decided to leave that aside and she prefers to believe in her boyfriend.

Thus, the starlet celebrated Offset’s birthday properly. Thus, Cardi B did not know what to offer her darling because she thinks that he already has absolutely everything. So you have all the cars, all the jewelry, you have everything, all the shoes. So what can I offer someone who has it all? $ 500,000. She said in an Instagram video. Thus, the star chose to offer $ 500,000 to the rapper and Cardi B put the money in a fridge!

Cardi B shared a video where Offset discovers his birthday present. The rapper certainly did not expect to have $ 500,000 from his sweetheart. The latter seems moved to have so much money in his hands and his darling tells him that he can buy anything he wants like a car or clothes. However, the video was not unanimous and Internet users reacted very badly.

Cardi B fans got angry when they saw Offset with $ 500,000 in their hands as a gift. Many people think that the starlet no longer knows what to do with her money and they have criticized her. “So much money and you don’t even know what to do with it.” Why not donate for children who don’t have Christmas gifts or for children in the hospital? Said a surfer. Then, some Cardi B fans do not understand why she gives her husband so much money when he is already rich. “It’s stupid, you’re already married and rich and you give him cash. It sucks. Said a surfer.

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