Cardi B finds a scorpion at home and is in shock!


Cardi B was therefore very scared! Quiet for a weekend at home, the rapper received a nasty surprise … She saw a scorpion land and attack her! Big moment of panic …

Because the rapper can certainly surprise her audience … but she does not seem very comfortable with animals. So when a scorpion comes into her villa, she doesn’t quite know how to react … And freaks out!

In her Insta story, Cardi B therefore shows the underside of her shoe. We then discover a rather awful sight: the remains of a completely exploded scorpion … No, the singer does not pretend when she is afraid.

“I’m done killing a scorpion… A real scorpion! Even her voice sounds strange in this very bizarre moment… She doesn’t seem to come back from it herself. With her animal burst under her shoe, she looks calm …

But Cardi B also shows that she was not at ease when the animal landed. “Imagine my daughter and my family facing this? No, it’s not possible … So I really had to take care of it! ”


And indeed, the singer did not miss the little beast yet … She did not let him approach Kulture either. His shoe therefore seems faster and more powerful than the scorpion. But what fear!

Cardi B therefore explains that she had to “fuck it”. Which she did quite violently, obviously… A pretty surprising moment for a weekend rest. But the rapper and her family are doing well!

More fear than harm, life can therefore resume its course. We are still quite surprised by this sight in the singer’s story… The poor scorpion thus remains clearly visible.

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But the essential is elsewhere. No one suffered an injury or a bite, Kulture and Cardi B are doing fine – that’s it already!


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